Kolor: Graphite melange

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A feminine V-neck breastfeeding top! A perfect casual solution for breastfeeding, outside even on cold days. It works great at home and outside. It will complement any look you choose.

The top includes our original solution! Its front part consists of two layers, the bottom one, finishing under your breast line, wraps and covers your belly. It makes you feel warm, especially at night, and covers all that you want to have covered. The second layer falls down loosely, ensuring easy breastfeeding access without the necessity to undo any zippers or snaps.

A perfect solution for all those who appreciate convenient breastfeeding wherever they are.

Composition and care:

  • Fabric:cotton 64%, poliester 30%, elastane 6%.
  • Washing:for the top to stay in good condition for a long time: wash in 40 degrees using gentle detergent (preferably one intended for babies, as the washed fabric will frequently touch your baby’s skin) at low rotation speed, do not wash in a fully loaded washing machine, do not bleach, do not tumble dry often. To prevent the white elements from getting colored, wash together with colorfast clothes.

Made in Poland.

Ola is 172 cm tall and wearing M size.

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