O nas Misja

for woman. for moms

THE GRANATOVO BRAND, CREATED IN 2015, was established to help women in late pregnancy, labour and postpartum period. We focus on the needs of moms and on their comfort. Thanks to our solutions, women may feel confident and feminine during this hard time. Our products fill in a gap in the market of maternity and breastfeeding clothes. We offer solutions designed specifically for giving birth because we see the need to fill the market void between pregnancy and breastfeeding. Simple styles, high-quality fabrics, well thought-out constructions, functional solutions, good design and attention to details.

We produce garments for women who are aware of their needs and expect their
clothes to be comfortable and pretty. We want to make the perinatal period joyful and
beautiful and thus we develop our brand.

We support Polish design

Our products are made in Poland from start to finish.

We design and check the standards of our suppliers and partner companies ourselves. All materials come from Polish knitting shops. We sew in Polish sewing rooms, taking care of every detail of finishing and very high quality. Our things are supposed to work well and serve for a long time.

The fact that we will support good Polish design was obvious to us from the beginning. Patterns on dresses are designed for us by Anka Stefańska-Gozdecka, socks are made in cooperation with the Warsaw brand KABAK.