NIGHTY SO! basic – navy blue

Kolor: nocna zieleń


The perfect comfy loungewear  for pregnancy and post-partum. It is breastfeeding-friendly and allows skin-to-skin contact, so important for you and your baby during long days after birth.

Designed to comfortably fit before, during and after pregnancy.

Soft, comfortable, gently wrapping the body, like a second skin. To give you a luxurious respite from your home routine.

It was made of TENCEL. TENCEL is a modern material made of wood cellulose. Delicate as silk, it has breathable and hygroscopic properties.

The fibers regulate temperature and absorb moisture. The chemicals used in its production are non-toxic, and much less water is used in the entire process

than in the case of other knitted fabrics. When composted, it biodegrades in just 6 weeks!

That is why it is an ideal solution for your and your child’s SKIN at the beginning of their journey together

Home dress designed to fit each of us, whether we are pregnant, breastfeeding or both periods are behind us.

Simple cut, deep elastic V-neckline, facilitating breastfeeding and beautifully emphasizing the clavicles.

COMFORT at its fullest. Once you put it on, you’ll never part with it!



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