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Cosmetics for children Hagi Baby is a natural and simple care based on mild products made of freshly pressed oils, delicate butters and plant extracts. All recipes were created with the participation of specialists, chemists, cosmetologists, paediatricians and dermatologists. Thoroughly dermatologically and microbiologically tested.

Karmiuszka is the first ball-shaped nursing pillow. Its round shape and organic filling provide a stable support while feeding. Thanks to the filling made of millet husk, it retains its volume throughout the use and perfectly supports the weight of the mother leaning on the pillow. Karmiuszka does not churn and does not run away from under the elbow during feeding. Contrary to the so-called “Croissants” does not force a sitting position. It helps to feed lying down and in a reclined position.

Momtobe is a Polish premium brand of breastfeeding underwear. The highest quality fabrics, fashionable design are just a pinch of what we can surprise you. A convenient clip to unfasten the cups, lace in your favorite colors, accessories in the color of gold, silver or rose gold – these are just some of the reasons why it is worth

Natula’s publishing house
The parent series is a project that brings together the best experts and authors in Poland dealing with a given aspect of parenting. The mission of the project is to create books that parents can trust. Books that guarantee that the knowledge conveyed in them is up-to-date, rational and in the best interest of the child. In our showroom you will find:

  • “Breastfeeding” – Magda Karpienia
  • “Natural Childbirth” – Katarzyna Oleś
  • “Sexual development of children” – Karolina Piotrowska
  • “Carrying Children” Marta Szperlich- Kosmala

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